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The Role of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) in Juvenile Fish Dispersal along the North-Western Coast of Sicily

Mauro Sinopoli, Fabio Badalamenti, Massimiliano Bottaro and Giovanni D’Anna
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 11 (4) 746 (2023)

Temporal and Spatial Relationships of Yellowfin Tuna to Deepwater Petroleum Platforms in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Melissa E. Price, Michael T. Randall, Kenneth J. Sulak, Randy E. Edwards and Margaret M. Lamont
Marine and Coastal Fisheries 14 (4) (2022)

Spatial patterns and environmental associations of deep scattering layers in the northwestern subtropical Pacific Ocean

Yuhang Song, Juan Yang, Chunsheng Wang and Dong Sun
Acta Oceanologica Sinica 41 (7) 139 (2022)

Both Dissolved Oxygen and Chlorophyll Explain the Large-Scale Longitudinal Variation of Deep Scattering Layers in the Tropical Pacific Ocean

Yuhang Song, Chunsheng Wang and Dong Sun
Frontiers in Marine Science 9 (2022)

Behavior of skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis), yellowfin (Thunnus albacares), and bigeye (T. obsesus) tunas associated with drifting fish aggregating devices (dFADs) in the Indian Ocean, assessed through acoustic telemetry

Rodney Govinden, Manuela Capello, Fabien Forget, John D. Filmalter and Laurent Dagorn
Fisheries Oceanography 30 (5) 542 (2021)

Water column structure defines vertical habitat of twelve pelagic predators in the South Atlantic

Daniel J Madigan, Andrew J Richardson, Aaron B Carlisle, et al.
ICES Journal of Marine Science 78 (3) 867 (2021)

Effects of habitat modifications on the movement behavior of animals: the case study of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) and tropical tunas

Géraldine Pérez, Laurent Dagorn, Jean-Louis Deneubourg, et al.
Movement Ecology 8 (1) (2020)

Oceanographic preferences of yellowfin tuna ( Thunnus albacares ) in warm stratified oceans: A remote sensing approach

Kumar Nimit, Nagaraja Kumar Masuluri, Aaron M. Berger, Rose P. Bright, Satya Prakash, Udayabhaskar TVS, Srinivasa Kumar T, Prathibha Rohit, Tiburtius A, Shubhadeep Ghosh and Sijo P. Varghese
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Oceanographic characteristics at fish aggregating device sites for tuna pole-and-line fishery in eastern Indonesia

Alexander M.A. Khan, Anta M. Nasution, Noir P. Purba, et al.
Fisheries Research 225 105471 (2020)

Comparing skipjack tuna catch and oceanographic conditions at FAD locations in the Gulf of Bone and Makassar Strait

R Hidayat, M Zainuddin, A Mallawa, M A Mustapha and A R S Putri
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 370 (1) 012038 (2019)

Existing Territories and Formalization of Territorial Use Rights for Moored Fish Aggregating Devices: The Case of Small-Scale Fisheries in the La Désirade Island (France)

Olivier Guyader, Katia Frangoudes and Danika Kleiber
Society & Natural Resources 31 (7) 822 (2018)

Experimental evaluation of influence of FADs on community structure and fisheries in coastal Kenya

Emmanuel K. Mbaru, Dorcas Sigana, Renison K. Ruwa, et al.
Aquatic Living Resources 31 6 (2018)

Diel behaviour of tuna and non-tuna species at drifting fish aggregating devices (DFADs) in the Western Indian Ocean, determined by fishers’ echo-sounder buoys

Jon Lopez, Gala Moreno, Leire Ibaibarriaga and Laurent Dagorn
Marine Biology 164 (3) (2017)

Associative behavior of yellowfin Thunnus albacares, skipjack Katsuwonus pelamis, and bigeye tuna T. obesus at anchored fish aggregating devices (FADs) off the coast of Mauritius

P Rodriguez-Tress, M Capello, F Forget, et al.
Marine Ecology Progress Series 570 213 (2017)

Assessing the number of moored fishing aggregating devices through aerial surveys: A case study from Guadeloupe

Olivier Guyader, Robert Bauer and Lionel Reynal
Fisheries Research 185 73 (2017)

To FAD or not to FAD: A challenge to the Marine Stewardship Council and its Conformity Assessment Bodies on the use of Units of Assessment and Units of Certification for industrial purse seine tuna fisheries

Guillermo Moreno, Miguel Herrera and Julio Morón
Marine Policy 73 100 (2016)

Comparison of the behavior of skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis), yellowfin (Thunnus albacares) and bigeye (T. obesus) tuna associated with drifting FADs in the equatorial central Pacific Ocean

Takayuki Matsumoto, Keisuke Satoh, Yasuko Semba and Mikio Toyonaga
Fisheries Oceanography 25 (6) 565 (2016)

Dissolved oxygen as a constraint on daytime deep scattering layer depth in the southern California current ecosystem

Amanda N. Netburn and J. Anthony Koslow
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Larval dispersal and movement patterns of coral reef fishes, and implications for marine reserve network design

Alison L. Green, Aileen P. Maypa, Glenn R. Almany, Kevin L. Rhodes, Rebecca Weeks, Rene A. Abesamis, Mary G. Gleason, Peter J. Mumby and Alan T. White
Biological Reviews 90 (4) 1215 (2015)

Optimising the use of nearshore fish aggregating devices for food security in the Pacific Islands

Johann D. Bell, Joelle Albert, Serge Andréfouët, et al.
Marine Policy 56 98 (2015)

The aggregation of tuna around floating objects: What could be the underlying social mechanisms?

Marianne Robert, Laurent Dagorn and Jean Louis Deneubourg
Journal of Theoretical Biology 359 161 (2014)

Vertical and Horizontal Movements of Yellowfin Tuna in the Gulf of Mexico

J. P. Hoolihan, R. J. D. Wells, J. Luo, B. Falterman, E. D. Prince and J. R. Rooker
Marine and Coastal Fisheries 6 (1) 211 (2014)

Modelling the impacts of fish aggregating devices (FADs) and fish enhancing devices (FEDs) and their implications for managing small-scale fishery

Reniel B. Cabral, Porfirio M. Aliño and May T. Lim
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Behavior of skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) associated with a drifting FAD monitored with ultrasonic transmitters in the equatorial central Pacific Ocean

Takayuki Matsumoto, Keisuke Satoh and Mikio Toyonaga
Fisheries Research 157 78 (2014)

Simultaneous behavior of skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis), bigeye (Thunnus obsesus), and yellowfin (T. albacares) tunas, within large multi-species aggregations associated with drifting fish aggregating devices (FADs) in the equatorial eastern Pacific Ocean

Kurt M. Schaefer and Daniel W. Fuller
Marine Biology 160 (11) 3005 (2013)

Does social behavior influence the dynamics of aggregations formed by tropical tunas around floating objects? An experimental approach

Marianne Robert, Laurent Dagorn, Jon Lopez, Gala Moreno and Jean-Louis Deneubourg
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 440 238 (2013)

Movement behaviour of skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis) and yellowfin (Thunnus albacares) tuna at anchored fish aggregating devices (FADs) in the Maldives, investigated by acoustic telemetry

Rodney Govinden, Riyaz Jauhary, John Filmalter, et al.
Aquatic Living Resources 26 (1) 69 (2013)

Vertical behavior of juvenile yellowfin tuna Thunnus albacares in the southwestern part of Japan based on archival tagging

Takayuki Matsumoto, Takashi Kitagawa and Shingo Kimura
Fisheries Science 79 (3) 417 (2013)

Fine-scale vertical and horizontal movements of juvenile yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares ) associated with a subsurface fish aggregating device (FAD) off southwestern Taiwan

J.-S. Weng, M.-K. Hung, C.-C. Lai, et al.
Journal of Applied Ichthyology 29 (5) 990 (2013)

Network analysis of acoustic tracking data reveals the structure and stability of fish aggregations in the ocean

Kilian M. Stehfest, Toby A. Patterson, Laurent Dagorn, Kim N. Holland, David Itano and Jayson M. Semmens
Animal Behaviour 85 (4) 839 (2013)

Pelagic predator associations: tuna and dolphins in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean

MD Scott, SJ Chivers, RJ Olson, PC Fiedler and K Holland
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Size-dependent behavior of tuna in an array of fish aggregating devices (FADs)

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Marine Biology 159 (4) 907 (2012)

Association of early juvenile yellowfin tuna Thunnus albacares with a network of payaos in the Philippines

Yasushi Mitsunaga, Chikayuki Endo, Kazuhiko Anraku, Cornelio M. Selorio and Ricardo P. Babaran
Fisheries Science 78 (1) 15 (2012)

Standardizing CPUE of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) longline fishery in the tropical waters of the northwestern Indian Ocean using a deterministic habitat-based model

L. M. Song and Y. P. Wu
Journal of Oceanography 67 (5) 541 (2011)

Potential benefits to fisheries and biodiversity of the Chagos Archipelago/British Indian Ocean Territory as a no-take marine reserve

Heather J. Koldewey, David Curnick, Simon Harding, Lucy R. Harrison and Matthew Gollock
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Tagging and Tracking of Marine Animals with Electronic Devices

Bruno Leroy, David G. Itano, Thomas Usu, et al.
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Parameter estimation for basin-scale ecosystem-linked population models of large pelagic predators: Application to skipjack tuna

Inna Senina, John Sibert and Patrick Lehodey
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Behavior of yellowfin (Thunnus albacares) and bigeye (T. obesus) tuna in a network of fish aggregating devices (FADs)

Laurent Dagorn, Kim N. Holland and David G. Itano
Marine Biology 151 (2) 595 (2007)

FADs influence on settlement and dispersal of the young-of-the-year greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili)

M. Sinopoli, G. D’Anna, F. Badalamenti and F. Andaloro
Marine Biology 150 (5) 985 (2007)

Deep diving behavior observed in yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares)

Laurent Dagorn, Kim N. Holland, Jean-Pierre Hallier, et al.
Aquatic Living Resources 19 (1) 85 (2006)

Acoustic characterisation of pelagic fish aggregations around moored fish aggregating devices in Martinique (Lesser Antilles)

Mathieu Doray, Erwan Josse, Paul Gervain, Lionel Reynal and Josselin Chantrel
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Behavior of bigeye (Thunnus obesus) and skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis) tunas within aggregations associated with floating objects in the equatorial eastern Pacific

K. M. Schaefer and D. W. Fuller
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Periodic behavior and residence time of yellowfin and bigeye tuna associated with fish aggregating devices around Okinawa Islands, as identified with automated listening stations

I. Ohta and S. Kakuma
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Fish aggregation device (FAD) research: gaps in current knowledge and future directions for ecological studies

Tim Dempster and Marc Taquet
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FAD: Fish Aggregating Device or Fish Attracting Device? A new analysis of yellowfin tuna movements around floating objects

Charlotte Girard, Simon Benhamou and Laurent Dagorn
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Acoustic telemetry versus monitored longline fishing for studying the vertical distribution of pelagic fish: bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) in French Polynesia

Pascal Bach, Laurent Dagorn, Arnaud Bertrand, Erwan Josse and Christophe Misselis
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Electronic Tagging and Tracking in Marine Fisheries

Geoff Arnold and Heidi Dewar
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Electronic Tagging and Tracking in Marine Fisheries

Laurent Dagorn, Arnaud Bertrand, Pascal Bach, Michel Petit and Erwan Josse
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Typologie et comportement des agrégations thonières autour de dispositifs de concentration de poissons à partir de prospections acoustiques en Polynésie française.

E Josse
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Co-evolution of movement behaviours by tropical pelagic predatory fishes in response to prey environment: a simulation model

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Scaling in animal group-size distributions

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Fish telemetry in aquaculture: review and perspectives

Etienne Baras and Jean-Paul Lagard�re
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Modeling Effects of FADs and Islands on Movement of Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis): Estimating Parameters from Tagging Data

P. Kleiber and J. Hampton
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The plankton of the tropical western Indian ocean as a biomass indirectly supporting surface tunas (yellowfin,Thunnus albacares and skipjack,Katsuwonus pelamis)

Claude Roger
Environmental Biology of Fishes 39 (2) 161 (1994)