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Aquatic Living Resources is a PCI-friendly journal.

PCI ( is a non-profit, non-commercial platform that publishes peer-reviews and recommendations of preprints, and that is supported by many universities and research organisations worldwide. Once recommended, a preprint can either remain on the preprint server or can be submitted to journals.

Articles recommended by the communities PCI Ecology, PCI Evol Biol, PCI Zoology, PCI Ecotox Env Chem, PCI Paleo PCI Microbiol and PCI Genomicsare welcome in ALR, as long as they concern all exploited (i.e. fished or farmed) living resources in marine, brackish and freshwater environments.

Preparation of your article

If your article was previously recommended by PCI, please add a section at the end of your article, before the references, titled Peer review, with the link to the PCI recommendations.


Peer review

A preprint of this article on bioRxiv has been reviewed and recommended by Peer Community in Ecology: Nicolas F. St-Gelais, Richard J. Vogt, Paul A. del Giorgio, Beatrix E. Beisner (2022). The taxonomic and functional biogeographies of phytoplankton and zooplankton communities across boreal lakes. Peer Community in Ecology,

Submission of your article

If your article was previously recommended by PCI, you should indicate at the time of submission that PCI reviewer recommendations are available:

If the recommended preprint falls in the scope of the journal, the journal might use the PCI reviews and recommendation to strengthen or speed up the usual peer-review process of your article.

Publication of your article

If your article is accepted for publication in ALR, a link to the PCI recommendations will be added alongside your published article.