Aquatic Living Resources - Forthcoming

  • Correction Notice : Age, growth and maturity of frigate tuna (Auxis thazard Lacepède, 1800) in the Southeastern Brazilian coast
    Juliana M. S. Vieira, Paulo A.S. Costa, Adriana C. Braga, Ricardo R.B. São-Clemente, Carlos E.L. Ferreira and Jodir P. Silva
    Accepted: 24/08/2022
  • Analyses of the composite yield per recruit model CYPR14 for inferring plausible fishing mortality targets of fish in the tropics.
    Joseph Munyandorero
    Accepted: 13/08/2022
  • Challenges and opportunities:  Impacts of COVID-19 on Norwegian Seafood exports
    Frank Asche, Hans-Martin Straume, Taryn Garlock, Ulf Johansen, Sturla Kvamsdal, Rune Nygard, Ruth Pincinato and Ragnar Tveteras
    Accepted: 14/07/2022