Aquatic Living Resources - Forthcoming

  • Satellite image analysis reveals changes in seagrass beds at Van Phong Bay, Vietnam during the last 30 years
    Xuan-Vy Nguyen, Trong-Thach Vo, Khin Lau and Lawrence M. Liao
    Accepted: 22/03/2020
  • Assimilation of shrimp farm sediment by Holothuria scabra: a coupled fatty acids and stable isotopes approach.
    Mathieu-Resuge Margaux, Fabienne Le Grand, Gauthier Schaal, Edouard Kraffe, Anne Lorrain, Yves Letourneur, Hugues Lemonnier, Julie Benoit and S├ębastien Hochard
    Accepted: 16/03/2020