Aquatic Living Resources - Forthcoming

  • Growth, mortality and yield of Sarotherodon melanotheron melanotheron (Rüppell, 1852) in Lake Nokoué and the Porto-Novo Lagoon complex (Benin, West Africa)
    Djiman LEDEROUN, Gildas Amoussou, Imaculé S. Baglo, Hermann Adjibogoun, Hamil Vodougnon, Jacques Moreau and Philippe A. Lalèyè
    Accepted: 22/10/2020
  • Analysis of metals and metalloids present in Sri Lankan dried seaweeds and assessing the possibility of health impact to general consumption patterns
    GIPS Makawita, I. Wickramasinghe and I. Wijesekara
    Accepted: 09/10/2020
  • Characterization and evolution of spearfishing in Madeira archipelago, Eastern Atlantic
    Roi Martinez-Escauriaza, Claudio Vieira, Lídia Gouveia, Nuno Gouveia and Margarida Hermida
    Accepted: 02/10/2020