Aquatic Living Resources - Forthcoming

  • How COVID changed the dynamics of a fishery
    Derek Evans and Miran W. Aprahamian
    Accepted: 17/05/2024
  • Balancing Environmental Concerns and Efficiency in Mediterranean Fisheries: Economics of Production with a Look at Market Trends
    Alberto Ceccacci, Luca Mulazzani and Giulio Malorgio
    Accepted: 25/04/2024
  • Identification of critical essential habitat for demersal fish in the Gulf of Guinea
    Crespin Luc Quenum, Yeslem El Vally, Joanny Tapé, Jérôme Guitton, Ebenezer Francis Ekuban, N'Goran David Vincent Kouakou and Olivier Le Pape
    Accepted: 18/04/2024