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Interaction of water salinity and titanium dioxide nanoparticle (TiO 2 ) exposure in the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas : immune and antioxidant system responses

Sayyed Ali Moezzi and Arash Javanshir Khoei
Toxin Reviews 1 (2024)

Spatio-Temporal Variation in Perkinsus olseni Infection Intensity in Manila Clam Ruditapes philippinarum in Anmyeondo and Cheonsu Bay Tidal Flats on the West Coast of Korea

Thatchaneshkanth Subramaniam, Young-Ghan Cho, Hye-Mi Lee, Jeong-Hwa Kim, Jong-Seop Shin, Mun-Gyeong Kwon, Gwang-Il Jang and Kwang-Sik Choi
Ocean Science Journal 59 (1) (2024)

The prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbiome of Pacific oyster spat is shaped by ocean warming but not acidification

Kevin Xu Zhong, Amy M. Chan, Brenna Collicutt, Maxim Daspe, Jan F. Finke, Megan Foss, Timothy J. Green, Christopher D. G. Harley, Amelia V. Hesketh, Kristina M. Miller, Sarah P. Otto, Kate Rolheiser, Rob Saunders, Ben J. G. Sutherland, Curtis A. Suttle and Jennifer F. Biddle
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 90 (4) (2024)

Biodiversity differentially impacts disease dynamics across marine and terrestrial habitats

Katrina M. Pagenkopp Lohan, Sarah A. Gignoux-Wolfsohn and Gregory M. Ruiz
Trends in Parasitology 40 (2) 106 (2024)

Occurrence and seasonal variation of Perkinsus sp. Infection in wild mollusk populations from coastal waters of Qingdao, northern China

Xiang Zhang, Yu-Dong Zheng, Tian Yuan, Chen-Feng Liu, Bo-Wen Huang, Lu-Sheng Xin, Chong-Ming Wang and Chang-Ming Bai
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 202 108044 (2024)

Expanding the phylogeography and connectivity of Perkinsus species across North and Central America

Leone Yisrael, Ruth A. DiMaria, Patricia Santos‐Ciminera, M. Leopoldina Aguirre‐Macedo, Victor M. Vidal‐Martínez, Gregory M. Ruiz, Mark E. Torchin, Kristina M. Hill‐Spanik, Anand Gnanadesikan and Katrina M. Pagenkopp Lohan
Diversity and Distributions 30 (3) (2024)

Co-infection of two eukaryotic pathogens within clam populations in Arcachon Bay

Sarah Itoïz, Clara Mouronvalle, Morgan Perennou, Elisa Chailler, Morgan Smits, Evelyne Derelle, Sebastian Metz, Nelly Le Goïc, Adeline Bidault, Xavier de Montaudouin, Isabelle Arzul, Philippe Soudant and Aurélie Chambouvet
Frontiers in Microbiology 14 (2024)

Assessment of Infection Prevalence and Intensity of Disease-Causing Parasitic Protozoans Perkinsus marinus and Haplosporidium nelsoni in Georgia Oysters

Sarah Batchelor, J. Scott Harrison, Stephen E. Greiman, Laura M. Treible and John M. Carroll
Microorganisms 11 (7) 1808 (2023)

Identification of glycine betaine as a host-derived molecule required for the vegetative proliferation of the protozoan parasite Perkinsus olseni

Yuqi Liu, Akihiro Ninomiya, Tomoyoshi Yoshinaga and Naoki Itoh
Parasitology 1 (2023)

First record of Perkinsus marinus infecting Crassostrea sp. in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, using real-time PCR

Célio Souza da Rocha, Rachel Costa Sabry, Rafael dos Santos Rocha, Rodrigo Maggioni, Bruno Vinicius Silva de Araújo, Renata Julia dos Santos Silva and João Marcelo Azevedo de Paula Antunes
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 198 107917 (2023)

Understanding Crassostrea virginica tolerance of Perkinsus marinus through global gene expression analysis

Dina A. Proestou, Mary E. Sullivan, Kathryn Markey Lundgren, Tal Ben-Horin, Erin M. Witkop and Keegan M. Hart
Frontiers in Genetics 14 (2023)

Long amplicons as a tool to identify variable regions of ribosomal RNA for improved taxonomic resolution and diagnostic assay design in microeukaryotes: using ascetosporea as a case study

Chantelle Hooper, Georgia M. Ward, Rachel Foster, Ilze Skujina, Joseph E. Ironside, Cédric Berney and David Bass
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 11 (2023)

The Disease of the Scallop Mizuhopecten yessoensis (Jay, 1857) in the Mariculture Farms of Prymorye Caused by Protozoa of the Genus Perkinsus Levine, 1978

T. E. Boutorina and E. D. Degteva
Биология моря 49 (5) 353 (2023)

Inferring potential causative microbial factors of intestinal atrophic disease in the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus

Juanwen Yu, Tomoo Sawabe, Ryota Yamano, Shotaro Koike, Yuichi Sakai and Sayaka Mino
Frontiers in Marine Science 10 (2023)

The Disease of the Scallop Mizuhopecten yessoensis (JAY, 1857) in the Mariculture Farms of Primorye Caused by Protozoa of the Genus Perkinsus Levine, 1978

T. E. Boutorina and E. D. Degteva
Russian Journal of Marine Biology 49 (5) 419 (2023)

Search for new biomarkers of tolerance to Perkinsus olseni parasite infection in Ruditapes decussatus clams

João Estêvão, Hugo Osorio, Benjamin Costas, Andreia Cruz and Sergio Fernández-Boo
Fish & Shellfish Immunology 134 108566 (2023)

The endoparasite Perkinsus olseni affecting the Mediterranean mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) in the Italian and Spanish waters: A new possible threat for mussel aquaculture and wild animal population

Francesca Carella, Margarita Fernandez Tejedor, Grazia Villari, Karl Blyth Andree and Gionata De Vico
Frontiers in Marine Science 10 (2023)

Effect of the alveolate parasite Perkinsus olseni infection on sexual maturation and spawning efficiency of the clam Ruditapes decussatus

Sergio Fernández-Boo, Catarina Duarte, Eric Guévélou, Joana Sousa, Rosa Freitas, Sandra Joaquim, Benjamin Costas, Luisa Magalhães, Domitília Matias and Andreia Cruz
Parasitology 1 (2023)

Ambient salinity affects silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) induced toxicity in the marine bivalve, the rock oyster, Saccostrea cucullata

Saeed Sadri and Arash Javanshir Khoei
Aquaculture Reports 30 101596 (2023)

Taxonomic composition, community structure and molecular novelty of microeukaryotes in a temperate oligomesotrophic lake as revealed by metabarcoding

Konstantina Mitsi, Daniel J. Richter, Alicia S. Arroyo, David López-Escardó, Meritxell Antó, Antonio Guillén Oterino and Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo
Scientific Reports 13 (1) (2023)

Anti Perkinsus olseni Monoclonal Antibody Generation Using Hypnospores as Antigens

Sirirat Kaewsalabnil, Anumart Buewkeaw, Janjarus Watanachote, Supannee Leethochavalit and Nanthika Khongchareonporn

First report of Perkinsus olseni infections in blood cockles Tegillarca granosa on the south coast of Korea

YG Cho, JH Kim, HJ Choi, GI Jang, YK Oh, SJ Lee, SY Hong, MG Kwon and KS Choi
Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 156 39 (2023)

Assessment of Dermo Perkinsus marinus in the “Southern Oyster” from a High‐Salinity Environment

D. Ammons, D. Gonzalez, M. T. Lu and J. Rampersad
North American Journal of Aquaculture 85 (3) 235 (2023)

Kevin Xu Zhong, Amy M. Chan, Brenna Collicutt, Maxim Daspe, Jan F. Finke, Megan Foss, Timothy J. Green, Christopher D.G. Harley, Amelia V. Hesketh, Kristina M. Miller, Sarah P. Otto, Kate Rolheiser, Rob Saunders, Ben J.G. Sutherland and Curtis A. Suttle

Perkinsus olseni and other parasites and abnormal tissue structures in New Zealand Greenshell™ mussels (Perna canaliculus) across different seasons

Farhana Muznebin, Andrea C. Alfaro and Stephen C. Webb
Aquaculture International 31 (2) 547 (2023)

Global perspective of environmental distribution and diversity of Perkinsea (Alveolata) explored by a meta-analysis of eDNA surveys

Sebastian Metz, Sarah Itoïz, Aleix Obiol, Evelyne Derelle, Ramon Massana, Cédric Berney, Colomban de Vargas, Philippe Soudant, Adam Monier and Aurélie Chambouvet
Scientific Reports 13 (1) (2023)

Assessing Cumulative Stressors, State Shift, and the Current Outlook for Oyster Habitat in Apalachicola Bay, Florida

Lauren L. Hintenlang, Ross M. Brooks and Andrew S. Kane
Journal of Shellfish Research 42 (3) (2023)

The current situation and potential effects of climate change on the microbial load of marine bivalves of the Greek coastlines: an integrative review

Aikaterini Zgouridou, Eirini Tripidaki, Ioannis A. Giantsis, John A. Theodorou, Maria Kalaitzidou, Dionysios E. Raitsos, Athanasios Lattos, Apostolia‐Maria Mavropoulou, Sarantis Sofianos, Dimitrios Karagiannis, Ilias Chaligiannis, Andreas Anestis, Nikos Papadakis, Konstantinos Feidantsis, Dionysia Mintza, Alexandra Staikou and Basile Michaelidis
Environmental Microbiology 24 (3) 1012 (2022)

Molecular detection of a novel perkinsid associated with the deep‐sea clam Phreagena okutanii

Kiyotaka Takishita, Tetsuro Ikuta, Miho Komatsu, Norika Sakaba, Takao Yoshida and Mayuko Otsubo
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 69 (4) (2022)

Development of monoclonal antibodies against Perkinsus olseni using whole cells

Eliot Hanrio, Jacqueline Batley, Kathleen Davern and Cécile Dang
Aquaculture Reports 24 101179 (2022)

Are Marine Heatwaves Responsible for Mortalities of Farmed Mytilus galloprovincialis? A Pathophysiological Analysis of Marteilia Infected Mussels from Thermaikos Gulf, Greece

Athanasios Lattos, Dimitrios K. Papadopoulos, Konstantinos Feidantsis, Dimitrios Karagiannis, Ioannis A. Giantsis and Basile Michaelidis
Animals 12 (20) 2805 (2022)

Monitoring of Oie-Listed Parasitic Pathogens in the Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) on the South Coast of Korea Using Species-Specific PCR

Jong-Seop Shin, Hyoun Joong Kim, Jee Youn Hwang, Mun Gyeong Kwon, Young-Ghan Cho and Kwang-Sik Choi
Journal of Shellfish Research 41 (2) (2022)

Assessment of the environmental distribution of the protozoan parasite Perkinsus olseni by next-generation sequencing, qPCR and histopathology allows the identification of alternative bivalve hosts

Raquel Ríos-Castro, Raquel Aranguren, Alejandro Romero, Elisa Banchi, Alberto Pallavicini, Beatriz Novoa and Antonio Figueras
Aquaculture 552 737984 (2022)

Molecular and histological identification of the protozoan parasite Perkinsus olseni in the blood cockle Anadara kagoshimensis (Tokunaga, 1906) occurring on the south coast of Korea

Young-Ghan Cho, Hye-Mi Lee, Jee Youn Hwang, Gwang Il Jang, Mun Gyeong Kwon, Bo Seong Kim, Kyung-Il Park and Kwang-Sik Choi
Aquaculture 561 738721 (2022)

Development of a multiplex qPCR for the quantification of three protozoan parasites of the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica

JL Piesz, AK Scro, R Corbett, K Markey Lundgren, R Smolowitz and M Gomez-Chiarri
Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 151 111 (2022)

Diversity and distribution of Perkinsus spp. along the coast of China: Implications for widespread transmission of Perkinsus spp. in mollusks

Lingtong Ye, Lin Wu, Jie Lu, Tuo Yao, Jiangyong Wang, Shaokun Shi, Gang Yu and Wang Zhao
Frontiers in Marine Science 9 (2022)

A diversified and segregated mRNA spliced-leader system in the parasitic Perkinsozoa

Elisabet Alacid, Nicholas A. T. Irwin, Vanessa Smilansky, David S. Milner, Estelle S. Kilias, Guy Leonard and Thomas A. Richards
Open Biology 12 (8) (2022)

Mitochondrial Genomes in Perkinsus Decode Conserved Frameshifts in All Genes

Sebastian G Gornik, Victor Flores, Franziska Reinhardt, Lieselotte Erber, Dayana E Salas-Leiva, Olga Douvropoulou, Imen Lassadi, Elin Einarsson, Mario Mörl, Anna Git, Peter F Stadler, Arnab Pain, Ross F Waller and Belinda Chang
Molecular Biology and Evolution 39 (10) (2022)

Evaluation of the Ruditapes decussatus immune response after differential injected doses of Perkinsus olseni

Ana Garcia, João Estêvão, Benjamin Costas, Andreia Cruz and Sergio Fernández-Boo
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 195 107849 (2022)

The Impact of Climate Change on Bivalve Farming: Combined Effect of Temperature and Salinity on Survival and Feeding Behavior of Clams Ruditapes decussatus

Ana Rato, Sandra Joaquim, Ana Margarete Matias, Cláudia Roque, António Marques and Domitília Matias
Frontiers in Marine Science 9 (2022)

First record of Perkinsus olseni in cultured mussels (Mytilus chilensis) in the Beagle Channel, Southwestern Atlantic Ocean

Nuria Vázquez, Naoki Itoh and Florencia Cremonte
Aquaculture 737893 (2022)

Environmental factors drive the release of Perkinsus marinus from infected oysters

Sarah A. Gignoux-Wolfsohn, Matilda S. R. Newcomb, Gregory M. Ruiz and Katrina M. Pagenkopp Lohan
Parasitology 148 (5) 532 (2021)

Inactivation of marine bivalve parasites using UV-C irradiation: Examples of Perkinsus olseni and Bonamia ostreae

Sergio Fernández-Boo, Clément Provot, Cyrielle Lecadet, Christophe Stavrakakis, Mathias Papin, Bruno Chollet, Jean-François Auvray and Isabelle Arzul
Aquaculture Reports 21 100859 (2021)

Development of the Myzozoan Aquatic Parasite Perkinsus marinus as A Versatile Experimental Genetic Model Organism

Elin Einarsson, Imen Lassadi, Jana Zielinski, Qingtian Guan, Tobias Wyler, Arnab Pain, Sebastian G. Gornik and Ross F. Waller
Protist 172 (4) 125830 (2021)

A Dual Omics Approach to Evaluate Transcriptional and Metabolic Responses During Lipid Deprivation in an Oyster Parasite, Perkinsus marinus

Kristin Noell and Joseph S. Pitula
OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology 25 (2) 93 (2021)

High-Throughput Sequencing of Environmental DNA as a Tool for Monitoring Eukaryotic Communities and Potential Pathogens in a Coastal Upwelling Ecosystem

Raquel Ríos-Castro, Alejandro Romero, Raquel Aranguren, Alberto Pallavicini, Elisa Banchi, Beatriz Novoa and Antonio Figueras
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 8 (2021)

Draft genomes of Perkinsus olseni and Perkinsus chesapeaki reveal polyploidy and regional differences in heterozygosity

Daniel R. Bogema, Jerald Yam, Melinda L. Micallef, Hosna Gholipourkanani, Jeffrey Go, Cheryl Jenkins and Cecile Dang
Genomics 113 (1) 677 (2021)

Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy to quantify Perkinsus marinus infecting Crassostrea virginica

Eric Guévélou, Ryan B. Carnegie, Laura Whitefleet-Smith, Jessica Moss Small and Standish K. Allen
Aquaculture 533 736063 (2021)

Negative Impacts of Perkinsus olseni Infection in Manila Clam Ruditapes philippinarum Observed from Tidal Flats in Anmyeondo Island on the West Coast of Korea During Post-Spawning Period

Hye-Mi Lee, Kyung-Il Park, Hyun-Sung Yang and Kwang-Sik Choi
Ocean Science Journal 56 (3) 307 (2021)

The Role of Vessel Biofouling in the Translocation of Marine Pathogens: Management Considerations and Challenges

Eugene Georgiades, Chris Scianni, Ian Davidson, et al.
Frontiers in Marine Science 8 (2021)

Comparative Animal Mucomics: Inspiration for Functional Materials from Ubiquitous and Understudied Biopolymers

Antonio R. Cerullo, Tsoi Ying Lai, Bassem Allam, Alexander Baer, W. Jon P. Barnes, Zaidett Barrientos, Dimitri D. Deheyn, Douglas S. Fudge, John Gould, Matthew J. Harrington, Mandë Holford, Chia-Suei Hung, Gaurav Jain, Georg Mayer, Mónica Medina, Julian Monge-Nájera, Tanya Napolitano, Emmanuelle Pales Espinosa, Stephan Schmidt, Eric M. Thompson and Adam B. Braunschweig
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 6 (10) 5377 (2020)

New insights into the Manila clam – Perkinsus olseni interaction based on gene expression analysis of clam hemocytes and parasite trophozoites through in vitro challenges

Abul Farah Md. Hasanuzzaman, Asunción Cao, Paolo Ronza, et al.
International Journal for Parasitology 50 (3) 195 (2020)

Genome to phenome tools: In vivo and in vitro transfection of Crassostrea virginica hemocytes

Adrienne N. Tracy, Raghavendra Yadavalli, Kiara S. Reed, et al.
Fish & Shellfish Immunology 103 438 (2020)

Interactive effects of salinity variation and exposure to ZnO nanoparticles on the innate immune system of a sentinel marine bivalve, Mytilus edulis

Fangli Wu, Halina Falfushynska, Olaf Dellwig, Helen Piontkivska and Inna M. Sokolova
Science of The Total Environment 712 136473 (2020)

Expression of four new ferritins from grooved carpet shell clam Ruditapes decussatus challenged with Perkinsus olseni and metals (Cd, Cu and Zn)

Márcio Simão, Ricardo B. Leite and M. Leonor Cancela
Aquatic Toxicology 229 105675 (2020)

Are Juvenile Manila Clam Ruditapes philippinarum Free from Perkinsus olseni Infection in Korean Waters?

Hye-Mi Lee, Young-Ghan Cho, Hee-Do Jeung, Min-Seok Jang, Jee Youn Hwang and Kwang-Sik Choi
Ocean Science Journal 55 (4) 573 (2020)

Molecular detection of protists associated with the Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum inhabiting the Wajiro tidal flat in Hakata Bay, Fukuoka Prefecture

Kiyotaka Takishita, Rihoko Kawai, Ayaka Tsutsumi, Goro Tanifuji and Mayuko Otsubo
Fisheries Science 86 (4) 633 (2020)

30 years of parasitology research analysed by text mining

John T. Ellis, Bethany Ellis, Antonio Velez-Estevez, Michael P. Reichel and Manuel J. Cobo
Parasitology 147 (14) 1643 (2020)

Variation in global transcriptomic response to Perkinsus marinus infection among eastern oyster families highlights potential mechanisms of disease resistance

Dina A. Proestou and Mary E. Sullivan
Fish & Shellfish Immunology 96 141 (2020)

Confirmation of the wide host range of Parvilucifera corolla (Alveolata, Perkinsozoa)

Francisco Rodríguez and Rosa I. Figueroa
European Journal of Protistology 74 125690 (2020)

Development and validation of a specific real-time PCR assay for the detection of the parasite Perkinsus olseni

R. Ríos, R. Aranguren, M. Gastaldelli, G. Arcangeli, B. Novoa and A. Figueras
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 169 107301 (2020)

Enhanced growth, gonad maturation, and low-level parasite infection in juvenile Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum cultured in subtidal cages on the south coast of Korea

Hye-Mi Lee, Hyoun-Joong Kim, Kyung-Il Park and Kwang-Sik Choi
Aquaculture 526 735410 (2020)

Utilization of recombinase polymerase amplification combined with a lateral flow strip for detection of Perkinsus beihaiensis in the oyster Crassostrea hongkongensis

Lin Wu, Lingtong Ye, Zhaorui Wang, Yingyi Cui and Jiangyong Wang
Parasites & Vectors 12 (1) (2019)

Lacking catalase, a protistan parasite draws on its photosynthetic ancestry to complete an antioxidant repertoire with ascorbate peroxidase

Eric J. Schott, Santiago Di Lella, Tsvetan R. Bachvaroff, L. Mario Amzel and Gerardo R. Vasta
BMC Evolutionary Biology 19 (1) (2019)

Puromycin selection for stable transfectants of the oyster-infecting parasite Perkinsus marinus

Hirokazu Sakamoto, Yoshihisa Hirakawa, Ken-ichiro Ishida, Patrick J. Keeling, Kiyoshi Kita and Motomichi Matsuzaki
Parasitology International 69 13 (2019)

From the raw bar to the bench: Bivalves as models for human health

José A. Fernández Robledo, Raghavendra Yadavalli, Bassem Allam, et al.
Developmental & Comparative Immunology 92 260 (2019)

First discovery of Perkinsus beihaiensis in Mediterranean mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) in Tokyo Bay, Japan

Naoki Itoh, Yoshiki Komatsu, Kazuki Maeda, Shotaro Hirase and Tomoyoshi Yoshinaga
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 166 107226 (2019)

Perkinsus olseni in the short neck yellow clam, Paphia malabarica (Chemnitz, 1782) from the southwest coast of India

P. Shamal, P.U. Zacharia, C.P. Binesh, et al.
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 159 113 (2018)

Phylogeography and connectivity of molluscan parasites: Perkinsus spp. in Panama and beyond

Katrina M. Pagenkopp Lohan, Kristina M. Hill-Spanik, Mark E. Torchin, Robert C. Fleischer, Ryan B. Carnegie, Kimberly S. Reece and Gregory M. Ruiz
International Journal for Parasitology 48 (2) 135 (2018)

Gene expression analysis of Ruditapes philippinarum haemocytes after experimental Perkinsus olseni zoospore challenge and infection in the wild

Abul Farah Md. Hasanuzzaman, Juan Andrés Rubiolo, Diego Robledo, et al.
Fish & Shellfish Immunology 72 611 (2018)

Impact of Perkinsus olseni infection on a wild population of Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum in Ariake Bay, Japan

Tsukasa Waki, Miki Takahashi, Tatsuya Eki, et al.
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 153 134 (2018)

Transepithelial migration of mucosal hemocytes in Crassostrea virginica and potential role in Perkinsus marinus pathogenesis

Yuk-Ting Lau, Laura Gambino, Bianca Santos, Emmanuelle Pales Espinosa and Bassem Allam
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 153 122 (2018)

Bivalve transcriptomics reveal pathogen sequences and a powerful immune response of the Mediterranean mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis)

Rebeca Moreira, Pablo Balseiro, Gabriel Forn-Cuní, et al.
Marine Biology 165 (4) (2018)

Oysters, Sustainability, Management Models, and the World of Reference Points

Eric N. Powell, Eileen E. Hofmann and John M. Klinck
Journal of Shellfish Research 37 (4) 833 (2018)

High parasite burden increases the surfacing and mortality of the Manila clam (Ruditapes philippinarum) in intertidal sandy mudflats on the west coast of Korea during hot summer

Ki-Woong Nam, Hee-Do Jeung, Jae-Hee Song, et al.
Parasites & Vectors 11 (1) (2018)

Nghiên cứu một số mầm bệnh trên nghêu (Meretrix lyrata Sowerby, 1851) ở tỉnh Bến Tre

Nguyễn Thanh Hà, Ngô Thị Ngọc Thủy and Từ Thanh Dung
Can Tho University, Journal of Science 54(Thủy sản) 76 (2018)

Experimental Evaluation of the Impact of Perkinsus olseni on the Physiological Activities of Juvenile Manila Clams

Tsukasa Waki and Tomoyoshi Yoshinaga
Journal of Shellfish Research 37 (1) 29 (2018)

The effects of tidal elevation on parasite heterogeneity and co-infection in the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica

Jennafer C. Malek and James E. Byers
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 494 32 (2017)

Perkinsus beihaiensis (Perkinsozoa) in oysters of Bahia State, Brazil

M. S. A. Luz, F. S. Carvalho, H. C. Oliveira and G. Boehs
Brazilian Journal of Biology 78 (2) 289 (2017)

Possible impacts of zoosporic parasites in diseases of commercially important marine mollusc species: part I. Perkinsozoa

Frank H. Gleason, Osu Lilje, Cecile Dang, Sabrina Geraci-Yee and Jackie L. Collier
Botanica Marina 60 (4) 401 (2017)

Transcriptomic profile of Manila clam (Ruditapes philippinarum) haemocytes in response to Perkinsus olseni infection

Abul Farah Md. Hasanuzzaman, Diego Robledo, Antonio Gómez-Tato, et al.
Aquaculture 467 170 (2017)

A novel monoclonal Perkinsus chesapeaki in vitro isolate from an Australian cockle, Anadara trapezia

Kimberly S. Reece, Gail P. Scott, Cécile Dang and Christopher F. Dungan
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 148 86 (2017)

Oyster Demographics in Harvested Reefs vs. No-Take Reserves: Implications for Larval Spillover and Restoration Success

Jason W. Peters, David B. Eggleston, Brandon J. Puckett and Seth J. Theuerkauf
Frontiers in Marine Science 4 (2017)

New polymorphic microsatellite markers derived from hemocyte cDNA library of Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum challenged by the protozoan parasite Perkinsus olseni

Hyun-Sil Kang, Hyun-Ki Hong, Kyung-Il Park, et al.
Ocean Science Journal 52 (1) 139 (2017)

Epizootiology of Perkinsus marinus , parasite of the pleasure oyster Crassostrea corteziensis , in the Pacific coast of Mexico

Jorge Cáceres-Martínez, Luis Humberto Madero-López, Gloria Padilla-Lardizábal and Rebeca Vásquez-Yeomans
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 139 12 (2016)

Disease threats to wild and cultured abalone in Australia

Cecile Dang and Terrence L Miller
Microbiology Australia 37 (3) 137 (2016)