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Oxidative stress response of scallop Aequipecten tehuelchus from Patagonia Argentina exposed to inorganic arsenic

Julieta Sturla Lompré, Erica Giarratano, Mónica Noemí Gil, Lidwina Bertrand and Gabriela Malanga
Regional Studies in Marine Science 62 102944 (2023)

Metal levels in sediments and caged mussels in one of the industrial zones of the Eastern Aegean Sea

Idil Pazi, Filiz Kucuksezgin, L. Tolga Gonul, Harun Guclusoy and Baris Akcali
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Ecosystem-level Impacts of Oil Spills: A Review of Available Data with Confidence Metrics for Application to Ecosystem Models

Raisha Lovindeer, Sara Mynott, Javier Porobic, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Sharon E. Hook, Heidi Pethybridge, Susan E. Allen, Doug Latornell, Hem Nalini Morzaria-Luna and Jess Melbourne-Thomas
Environmental Modeling & Assessment 28 (6) 939 (2023)

First study on the determination of baseline biomarkers in Mimachlamys varia for an intra-port environmental biomonitoring in French Atlantic coastline (La Rochelle)

Marine Barbarin, Frédéric Muttin and Hélène Thomas
Marine Pollution Bulletin 182 113979 (2022)

Assessment of the marine ecotoxic state in the Moroccan coastal area Anza-Taghazout following the installation of two wastewater treatment plants: a multibiomarker study using Mytilus galloprovincialis

Youssef EL Mourabit, Mustapha Agnaou, Aicha Ait Alla and Abdellatif Moukrim
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29 (8) 11718 (2022)

Assessment of seasonal and spatial variation responses of integrated biomarkers in two marine sentinel bivalve species: Agadir Bay (Southern of Morocco)

Abir Chahouri, Mustapha Agnaou, Mohamed El Hanaoui, et al.
Marine Pollution Bulletin 174 113179 (2022)

Integrative assessment of the biological responses elicited by metal pollution in the green garden snail, Cantareus apertus: Laboratory and field studies

Anwar Mleiki, Najoua Trigui El Menif and Ionan Marigómez
Ecological Indicators 117 106589 (2020)

Usefulness of a freshwater macrophyte (Potamogeton pusillus) for an environmental risk assessment in a multi-source contaminated basin.

Lidwina Bertrand, Magdalena Victoria Monferrán, María Eugenia Valdés and María Valeria Amé
Chemosphere 222 1003 (2019)

Baseline levels of biochemical biomarkers in the endobenthic ragworm Hediste diversicolor as useful tools in biological monitoring of estuaries under anthropogenic pressure

Andrew Barrick, Jean-Marie Marion, Hanane Perrein-Ettajani, Amelie Châtel and Catherine Mouneyrac
Marine Pollution Bulletin 129 (1) 81 (2018)

Differential tolerance to nickel between Dreissena polymorpha and Dreissena rostriformis bugensis populations

Marine Potet, Laure Giambérini, Sandrine Pain-Devin, et al.
Scientific Reports 8 (1) (2018)

Biomarkers of physiological responses of Octopus vulgaris to different coastal environments in the western Mediterranean Sea

J. Sillero-Ríos, A. Sureda, X. Capó, M. Oliver-Codorniú and P. Arechavala-Lopez
Marine Pollution Bulletin 128 240 (2018)

Usefulness of RTL-W1 and OLCAB-e3 fish cell lines and multiple endpoint measurements for toxicity evaluation of unknown or complex mixture of chemicals

Pauline Pannetier, Laura Fuster, Christelle Clérandeau, et al.
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 150 40 (2018)

The physiological effects of oil, dispersant and dispersed oil on the bay mussel, Mytilus trossulus, in Arctic/Subarctic conditions

Katrina L. Counihan
Aquatic Toxicology 199 220 (2018)

Naturally occurring hydrocarbon content and baseline condition of deep-sea benthic fauna from the Great Australian Bight

Sharon E. Hook, Andrew T. Revill, Julie Mondon, et al.
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 157-158 106 (2018)

Biochemical and molecular alterations in freshwater mollusks as biomarkers for petroleum product, domestic heating oil

Ali Abdulhamza Al-Fanharawi, Adel M. Rabee and Ayad M.J. Al-Mamoori
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 158 69 (2018)

Biological Oceanography of the Baltic Sea

Kari K. Lehtonen, Anders Bignert, Clare Bradshaw, Katja Broeg and Doris Schiedek
Biological Oceanography of the Baltic Sea 547 (2017)

Blue mussels (Mytilus edulis spp.) as sentinel organisms in coastal pollution monitoring: A review

Jonny Beyer, Norman W. Green, Steven Brooks, et al.
Marine Environmental Research 130 338 (2017)

Individual and Combined Effects of Petroleum Hydrocarbons Phenanthrene and Dibenzothiophene on Reproductive Behavior in the Amphipod Hyalella azteca

Kruuttika M. Satbhai, Febee R. Louka and Paul L. Klerks
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 228 (3) (2017)

An integrated biomarker response index for the mussel Mytilus edulis based on laboratory exposure to anthracene and field transplantation experiments

Mengqi Yuan, You Wang, Bin Zhou, et al.
Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology 35 (5) 1165 (2017)

Biological effects of marine diesel oil exposure in red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) assessed through a water and foodborne exposure experiment

Kjetil Sagerup, Jasmine Nahrgang, Marianne Frantzen, Lars-Henrik Larsen and Perrine Geraudie
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A novel methodology for the determination of biomarker baseline levels in the marine polychaete Hediste diversicolor

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Assessing oil spill sensitivity in unsheltered coastal environments: A case study for Lithuanian-Russian coasts, South-eastern Baltic Sea

Daniel Depellegrin and Paulo Pereira
Marine Pollution Bulletin 102 (1) 44 (2016)

First evidence of marine diesel effects on biomarker responses in the Icelandic scallops, Chlamys islandica

Perrine Geraudie, Renée Bakkemo, Thomas Milinkovitch and Helene Thomas-Guyon
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Genotoxicity and activation of cellular defenses in transplanted zebra mussels Dreissena polymorpha along the Seine river

Amélie Châtel, Virginie Faucet-Marquis, Catherine Gourlay-Francé, Annie Pfohl-Leszkowicz and Françoise Vincent-Hubert
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Recovery of a subtropical rocky shore is not yet complete, four years after a moderate sized oil spill

Kimberly Finlayson, Tim Stevens, James Michael Arthur and David Rissik
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Integrated use of biomarkers and condition indices in mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) for monitoring pollution and development of biomarker index to assess the potential toxic of coastal sites

Imene Benali, Zitouni Boutiba, Amina Merabet and Nathalie Chèvre
Marine Pollution Bulletin 95 (1) 385 (2015)

Biomarkers of environmental stress in gills of Pinna nobilis (Linnaeus 1758) from Balearic Island

Antonino Natalotto, Antoni Sureda, Maria Maisano, et al.
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 122 9 (2015)

Health status assessment through an integrative biomarker approach in mussels of different ages with a different history of exposure to the Prestige oil spill

U. Izagirre, L. Garmendia, M. Soto, N. Etxebarria and I. Marigómez
Science of The Total Environment 493 65 (2014)

Integrated biomarker responses of an estuarine invertebrate to high abiotic stress and decreased metal contamination

Aurélie Pinto Rodrigues, Teresa Oliva–Teles, Sofia Raquel Mesquita, Cristina Delerue–Matos and Laura Guimarães
Marine Environmental Research 101 101 (2014)

Comparative study of the genotoxic response of freshwater mussels Unio tumidus and Unio pictorum to environmental stress

Branka Vuković-Gačić, Stoimir Kolarević, Karolina Sunjog, et al.
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Short- and long-term responses and recovery of mussels Mytilus edulis exposed to heavy fuel oil no. 6 and styrene

Pamela Ruiz, Maren Ortiz-Zarragoitia, Amaia Orbea, et al.
Ecotoxicology 23 (5) 861 (2014)

Towards an integrative soil health assessment strategy: A three tier (integrative biomarker response) approach with Eisenia fetida applied to soils subjected to chronic metal pollution

Vega Asensio, Amaia Rodríguez-Ruiz, Larraitz Garmendia, et al.
Science of The Total Environment 442 344 (2013)

An integrated environmental approach to investigate biomarker fluctuations in the blue mussel Mytilus edulis L. in the Vilaine estuary, France

Emilie Farcy, Thierry Burgeot, Hansy Haberkorn, et al.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 20 (2) 630 (2013)

Marine ecosystem health status assessment through integrative biomarker indices: a comparative study after the Prestige oil spill “Mussel Watch”

Ionan Marigómez, Larraitz Garmendia, Manu Soto, et al.
Ecotoxicology 22 (3) 486 (2013)

Assessment of the mechanisms of detoxification of chemical compounds and antioxidant enzymes in the digestive gland of mussels, Mytilus galloprovincialis, from Mediterranean coastal sites

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Responses of conventional and molecular biomarkers in turbot Scophthalmus maximus exposed to heavy fuel oil no. 6 and styrene

Pamela Ruiz, Maren Ortiz-Zarragoitia, Amaia Orbea, et al.
Aquatic Toxicology 116-117 116 (2012)

Review of oil and HNS accidental spills in Europe: Identifying major environmental monitoring gaps and drawing priorities

T. Neuparth, S.M. Moreira, M.M. Santos and M.A. Reis-Henriques
Marine Pollution Bulletin 64 (6) 1085 (2012)

Cross-effects of nickel contamination and parasitism on zebra mussel physiology

Laëtitia Minguez, Anatole Boiché, Sophie Sroda, et al.
Ecotoxicology 21 (2) 538 (2012)

Effects of the fuel oil spilled by the Prestige tanker on reproduction parameters of wild mussel populations

Maren Ortiz-Zarragoitia, Larraitz Garmendia, María Carmen Barbero, Teresa Serrano, Ionan Marigómez and Miren P. Cajaraville
J. Environ. Monit. 13 (1) 84 (2011)

Active biomonitoring in Greek coastal waters: Application of the integrated biomarker response index in relation to contaminant levels in caged mussels

Catherine Tsangaris, Ioannis Hatzianestis, Vassiliki-Angelique Catsiki, et al.
Science of The Total Environment 412-413 359 (2011)

Effects of the fuel oil spilled by the Prestige tanker on reproduction parameters of wild mussel populations

Maren Ortiz-Zarragoitia, Larraitz Garmendia, María Carmen Barbero, et al.
J. Environ. Monit. 13 (1) 84 (2011)

Integrated biomarker response index for the assessment of environmental stress of the Yangtze River (Nanjing section)

C. Wang, G. H. Lu, W. T. Song, S. Xu and P. F. Wang
Fish Physiology and Biochemistry 36 (4) 1069 (2010)

In vivo effects of LCO soluble fraction on immune-related functions and gene transcription in the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas (Thunberg)

Anne Bado-Nilles, Tristan Renault, Nicole Faury, et al.
Aquatic Toxicology 97 (3) 196 (2010)

Fish transplantation and stress-related biomarkers as useful tools for assessing water quality

Yong Ji, Guanghua Lu, Chao Wang, Wenting Song and Hao Wu
Journal of Environmental Sciences 22 (11) 1826 (2010)

Integrated assessment of water quality of the Costa da Morte (Galicia, NW Spain) by means of mussel chemical, biochemical and physiological parameters

Beatriz Fernández, Marina Albentosa, Lucía Viñas, et al.
Ecotoxicology 19 (4) 735 (2010)

A guide to toxicity assessment and monitoring effects at lower levels of biological organization following marine oil spills in European waters

C. Martínez-Gómez, A. D. Vethaak, K. Hylland, et al.
ICES Journal of Marine Science 67 (6) 1105 (2010)

Multiple biomarkers of pollution effects in caged mussels on the Greek coastline

C. Tsangaris, K. Kormas, E. Strogyloudi, et al.
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology 151 (3) 369 (2010)

Enzymatic and cellular responses in relation to body burden of PAHs in bivalve molluscs: A case study with chronic levels of North Sea and Barents Sea dispersed oil

T. Baussant, R.K. Bechmann, I.C. Taban, et al.
Marine Pollution Bulletin 58 (12) 1796 (2009)

DNA damage, acetylcholinesterase activity and lysosomal stability in native and transplanted mussels (Mytilus edulis) in areas close to coastal chemical dumping sites in Denmark

Jette Rank, Kari K. Lehtonen, Jakob Strand and Martha Laursen
Aquatic Toxicology 84 (1) 50 (2007)

Spatial and temporal trends of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in wild mussels from the Cantabrian coast (N Spain) after the Prestige oil spill

José Antonio Soriano, Lucía Viñas, María Angeles Franco, et al.
Journal of Environmental Monitoring 9 (9) 1018 (2007)

Integrated biomarker response index as a useful tool for environmental assessment evaluated using transplanted mussels

G. Damiens, M. Gnassia-Barelli, F. Loquès, M. Roméo and V. Salbert
Chemosphere 66 (3) 574 (2007)

Biomarkers and bioindicators of the health condition of Ameca splendens and Goodea atripinnis (Pisces: Goodeaidae) in the Ameca River, Mexico

Ricardo Tejeda-Vera, Eugenia López-López and Jacinto Elias Sedeño-Díaz
Environment International 33 (4) 521 (2007)

Measurements of biomarker levels in flounder (Platichthys flesus) and blue mussel (Mytilus trossulus) from the Gulf of Gdańsk (southern Baltic)

Justyna Kopecka, Kari K. Lehtonen, Janina Baršienė, et al.
Marine Pollution Bulletin 53 (8-9) 406 (2006)

Biomarker responses in flounder (Platichthys flesus) and mussel (Mytilus edulis) in the Klaipėda-Būtingė area (Baltic Sea)

Janina Baršienė, Kari K. Lehtonen, Angela Koehler, et al.
Marine Pollution Bulletin 53 (8-9) 422 (2006)

The BEEP project in the Baltic Sea: Overview of results and outline for a regional biological effects monitoring strategy

Kari K. Lehtonen, Doris Schiedek, Angela Köhler, et al.
Marine Pollution Bulletin 53 (8-9) 523 (2006)

Preliminary study of responses in mussel (Mytilus edilus) exposed to bisphenol A, diallyl phthalate and tetrabromodiphenyl ether

N. Aarab, S. Lemaire-Gony, E. Unruh, et al.
Aquatic Toxicology 78 S86 (2006)