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Climate velocity drives unexpected southward patterns of species shifts in the Western Mediterranean Sea

Marina Sanz-Martín, Manuel Hidalgo, Patricia Puerta, Jorge García Molinos, Marina Zamanillo, Isaac Brito-Morales, José Manuel González-Irusta, Antonio Esteban, Antonio Punzón, Encarnación García-Rodríguez, Miguel Vivas and Lucía López-López
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Modelling the spatial shifts of functional groups in the Barents Sea using a climate-driven spatial food web model

Marcela C. Nascimento, Berengere Husson, Lilia Guillet and Torstein Pedersen
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Near-bottom aggregations of Calanus spp. copepods in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence in summer: significance for North Atlantic right whale foraging

K A Sorochan, S Plourde, C L Johnson and David Fields
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Using predator diets to infer forage fish distribution and assess responses to climate variability in the eastern Bering Sea

KM Gunther, MR Baker and KY Aydin
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Investigating spatial overlap between northern sand lance (Ammodytes dubius) and Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) with video trawl technology

Tammy L. Silva, Tabitha Breault, Travis M. Lowery, Nicholas M. Calabrese, Kevin D.E. Stokesbury, David N. Wiley and Gavin Fay
Fisheries Research 265 106746 (2023)

The niche of a stress-tolerant specialist, Dinophysis acuminata, in a coastal upwelling system

Esther Velasco-Senovilla, Patricio A. Díaz, Enrique Nogueira, Francisco Rodríguez, José L. Garrido, Manuel Ruiz-Villarreal and Beatriz Reguera
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Catch as catch can: markets, availability, and fishery closures drive distinct responses among the U.S. West Coast coastal pelagic species fleet segments

Felipe J. Quezada, Desiree Tommasi, Timothy H. Frawley, Barbara Muhling, Isaac Kaplan and Stephen Stohs
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Spatial distribution patterns of striped venus clam (Chamelea gallina, L. 1758) natural beds in the Gulf of Cádiz (SW Spain): Influence of environmental variables and management considerations

M. Delgado, L. Silva, S. Román, S. Llorens, A. Rodríguez-Rúa, M. Cojan and M. Hidalgo
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The shadow model: how and why small choices in spatially explicit species distribution models affect predictions

Christian J. C. Commander, Lewis A. K. Barnett, Eric J. Ward, Sean C. Anderson and Timothy E. Essington
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Assessing the Performance and Application of Operational Lagrangian Transport HAB Forecasting Systems

Michael Bedington, Luz María García-García, Marc Sourisseau and Manuel Ruiz-Villarreal
Frontiers in Marine Science 9 (2022)

The influence of age and cohort on the distribution of walleye pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus) in the eastern Bering Sea

Duane E. Stevenson, Stan Kotwicki, James T. Thorson, Giancarlo M. Correa and Troy Buckley
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 79 (11) 1934 (2022)

Modeling the dispersal of polar cod (Boreogadus saida) and saffron cod (Eleginus gracilis) early life stages in the Pacific Arctic using a biophysical transport model

Cathleen D. Vestfals, Franz J. Mueter, Katherine S. Hedstrom, et al.
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High collocation of sand lance and protected top predators: Implications for conservation and management

Tammy L. Silva, David N. Wiley, Michael A. Thompson, Peter Hong, Les Kaufman, Justin J. Suca, Joel K. Llopiz, Hannes Baumann and Gavin Fay
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Northern shrimp Pandalus borealis population collapse linked to climate-driven shifts in predator distribution

R. Anne Richards, Margaret Hunter and Andrea Belgrano
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Spatial and temporal patterns of capelin (Mallotus villosus) spawning sites in the Barents Sea

Salah Alrabeei, Sam Subbey, Sofie Gundersen and Harald Gjøsæter
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Slimy sculpin depth shifts and habitat squeeze following the round goby invasion in the Laurentian Great Lakes

Shea L. Volkel, Kelly F. Robinson, David B. Bunnell, et al.
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Determination of cultural areas based on medieval pottery using an original divisive hierarchical clustering method with geographical constraint (MapClust)

Lise Bellanger, Arthur Coulon and Philippe Husi
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Spatial variation and transport of abundant copepod taxa in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence in autumn

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Automatic counting methods in aquaculture: A review

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Improving estimates of species distribution change by incorporating local trends

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What is in our seas? Assessing anthropogenic litter on the seafloor of the central Mediterranean Sea

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Trade‐offs in covariate selection for species distribution models: a methodological comparison

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Maite Erauskin-Extramiana, Haritz Arrizabalaga, Anna Cabré, et al.
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When logbooks show the path: Analyzing the route and timing of capelin (Mallotus villosus) migration over a quarter century using catch data

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The collapse and continued low productivity of a keystone forage fish species

AD Buren, HM Murphy, AT Adamack, et al.
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Consistent spatial patterns in multiple trophic levels occur around artificial habitats

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Developing a neighbourhood sustainability assessment model: An approach to sustainable urban development

Tseliso Moroke, Carel Schoeman and Ilse Schoeman
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Temporal changes in mesoscale aggregations and spatial distribution scenarios of the Peruvian anchovy (Engraulis ringens)

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Dynamics of predator-prey habitat use and behavioral interactions over diel periods at sub-tropical reefs

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Relative importance of population size, fishing pressure and temperature on the spatial distribution of nine Northwest Atlantic groundfish stocks

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Jellyfish and forage fish spatial overlap on the eastern Bering Sea shelf during periods of high and low jellyfish biomass

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Winter is cool: spatio-temporal patterns of the squat lobster Munida gregaria and the Fuegian sprat Sprattus fuegensis in a sub-Antarctic estuarine environment

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Integrating spatial indicators in the surveillance of exploited marine ecosystems

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Concurrent changes in spatial distribution of the demersal community in response to climate variations in the southern Iberian coastal Large Marine Ecosystem

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A method to address the non-random spatial distribution of on-board observer data to map landings and discards

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Spatial structures and temporal patterns of purse seine fishing effort in the NW Mediterranean Sea estimated using VMS data

Federico Quattrocchi and Francesc Maynou
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The influence of complex structure on the spatial dynamics of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in the Gulf of Maine

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Inferring the annual, seasonal, and spatial distributions of marine species from complementary research and commercial vessels’ catch rates

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Age-specific differences in the seasonal spatial distribution of butterfish (Peprilus triacanthus)

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Towards acoustic monitoring of a mixed demersal fishery based on commercial data: The case of the Northern Demersal Scalefish Fishery (Western Australia)

Sven Gastauer, Ben Scoulding and Miles Parsons
Fisheries Research 195 91 (2017)

Use of nighttime visible images in the study of the spatial and temporal variability of fishing areas of jumbo flying squid ( Dosidicus gigas ) outside Peruvian EEZ 2004–2015

Carlos Paulino, Eloy Aroni, Han Xu, Edward Alburqueque and Hervé Demarcq
Fisheries Research 191 144 (2017)

An Unsupervised Acoustic Description of Fish Schools and the Seabed in Three Fishing Regions Within the Northern Demersal Scalefish Fishery (NDSF, Western Australia)

Sven Gastauer, Ben Scoulding and Miles Parsons
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A new approach to species distributional indicators for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)

Larissa Modica, Pilar Córdoba, Cristina Rodríguez-Cabello, Francisco Sánchez and Francisco Velasco
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Model‐based inference for estimating shifts in species distribution, area occupied and centre of gravity

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Spatial and seasonal patterns of fine-scale to mesoscale upper ocean dynamics in an Eastern Boundary Current System

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Thermal Niche Tracking and Future Distribution of Atlantic Mackerel Spawning in Response to Ocean Warming

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Comparison of individual-based model output to data using a model of walleye pollock early life history in the Gulf of Alaska

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Spatial reference points for groundfish

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Biophysical transport model suggests climate variability determines distribution of Walleye Pollock early life stages in the eastern Bering Sea through effects on spawning

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Modelling the future biogeography of North Atlantic zooplankton communities in response to climate change

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Interannual Changes in Biomass Affect the Spatial Aggregations of Anchovy and Sardine as Evidenced by Geostatistical and Spatial Indicators

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Adverse consequences of stock recovery: European hake, a new “choke” species under a discard ban?

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DeepVision: a stereo camera system provides highly accurate counts and lengths of fish passing inside a trawl

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A fisheries acoustic multi-frequency indicator to inform on large scale spatial patterns of aquatic pelagic ecosystems

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Habitat suitability modelling for sardine Sardina pilchardus in a highly diverse ecosystem: the Mediterranean Sea

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A multivariate indicator to monitor changes in spatial patterns of age-structured fish populations

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