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Nutrients recycled by a small omnivorous fish facilitate the growth and change the stoichiometric contents of submerged macrophytes

Jinlei Yu, Lusheng Ma, Sipeng Yao, Zhigang Mao, Hu He, Xiaolong Huang, Ze Ren, Zhengwen Liu and Erik Jeppesen
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Thermal Preference May Facilitate Spatial Coexistence of Two Invasive Fish Species in Lake Bosten, China

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Application of artificial spawning substrates to support lacustrine fish recruitment and fisheries enhancement in a Chinese lake

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Spatio-temporal dynamics of fish assemblage in the Datong and Xiaotong rivers, karst tributaries in the upper Yangtze River drainage: Implications for ecological adaptation and conservation of fish in rivers

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Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10 (2022)

Environmental fate and trophic transfer of synthetic musk compounds and siloxanes in Geum River, Korea: Compound-specific nitrogen isotope analysis of amino acids for accurate trophic position estimation

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Unravelling fish community assembly in shallow lakes: Insights from functional and phylogenetic diversity

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Effects of water quality on the species richness and population distribution of waterbirds in Ahlat marshes, Turkey

Recep Yetis, Humeyra Nergiz and Aysegul Demir Yetis
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Species-specific responses of submerged macrophytes to the presence of a small omnivorous bitterling Acheilognathus macropterus

Jinlei Yu, Manli Xia, Hu He, et al.
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Interactive effects of bitterling fish and mussel on the community structures of plankton and benthic macroinvertebrates

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Consumer-driven nutrient release to the water by a small omnivorous fish enhanced ramet production but reduced the growth rate of the submerged macrophyte Vallisneria denseserrulata (Makino) Makino

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A small omnivore fish (Acheilognathus macropterus) reduces both growth and biomass of submerged macrophytes: implications for shallow lake restoration

Jinlei Yu, Manli Xia, Wei Zhen, et al.
Knowledge & Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (421) 34 (2020)

Effects of bitterling fish on the relationships between submerged macrophytes and mussel

YU Jinlei, YANG Liu, XIA Manli, et al.
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A small omnivorous bitterling fish (Acheilognathus macropterus) facilitates dominance of cyanobacteria, rotifers and Limnodrilus in an outdoor mesocosm experiment

Jinlei Yu, Manli Xia, Ming Kong, et al.
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Effect of Diverse Abiotic Conditions on the Structure and Biodiversity of Ichthyofauna in Small, Natural Water Bodies Located on Agricultural Lands

Adam Brysiewicz, Przemysław Czerniejewski and Małgorzata Bonisławska
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The host mussel Sinanodonta woodiana alleviates negative effects of a small omnivorous fish (Acheilognathus macropterus) on water quality: A mesocosm experiment

Jinlei Yu, Manli Xia, Hu He, et al.
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Trophic Plasticity of the Highly Invasive Topmouth Gudgeon (Pseudorasbora parva) Inferred From Stable Isotope Analysis

Matteo Rolla, Sofia Consuegra and Carlos Garcia de Leaniz
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Density-dependent effects of omnivorous bitterling (Acheilognathus macropterus) on nutrient and plankton communities: implications for lake management and restoration

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Characteristics of stone moroko population dynamics at different stages of naturalization in lake- and steam-type Dnieper reservoirs

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Complete mitochondrial genome of the Asian pencil halfbeak Hyporhamphus intermedius (Beloniformes, Hemirhamphidae)

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Submerged macrophytes facilitate dominance of omnivorous fish in a subtropical shallow lake: implications for lake restoration

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Effects of water quality in oil palm production landscapes on tropical waterbirds in Peninsular Malaysia

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A Comparison of the Bacterial Diversity of Two Shallow Freshwater Lakes in China

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Maintaining Economic Value of Ecosystem Services Whilst Reducing Environmental Cost: A Way to Achieve Freshwater Restoration in China

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Abundance and spatial variability of invasive fishes related to environmental factors in a eutrophic Yunnan Plateau lake, Lake Dianchi, southwestern China

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Growth and mortality of two small fishes, Toxabramis swinhonis Günther, 1873 and Hyporhamphus intermedius (Cantor, 1842), in a Yangtze shallow lake (China) assessed by length frequency analysis

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The effect of seasonal variation in abiotic factors on fish community structure in temporary and permanent pools in a tropical wetland

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Pan‐continental invasion of Pseudorasbora parva: towards a better understanding of freshwater fish invasions

Rodolphe E Gozlan, Demetra Andreou, Takashi Asaeda, Kathleen Beyer, Rachid Bouhadad, Dean Burnard, Nuno Caiola, Predrag Cakic, Vesna Djikanovic, Hamid R Esmaeili, Istvan Falka, Duncan Golicher, Akos Harka, Galina Jeney, Vladimír Kováč, Jiří Musil, Annamaria Nocita, Meta Povz, Nicolas Poulet, Tomas Virbickas, Christian Wolter, A Serhan Tarkan, Elena Tricarico, Teodora Trichkova, Hugo Verreycken, et al.
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