Aquatic Living Resources - Forthcoming

  • Acknowledgements to Reviewers
    Verena Trenkel
    Accepted: 23/03/2017
  • Growth of freshwater oyster Etheria elliptica (Lamarck, 1807) reared in cages in Pendjari River (Benin, West Africa).
    David Giraud AKELE, Simon AHOUANSOU MONTCHO and Philippe A. LALEYE
    Accepted: 23/03/2017
  • An ecological framework for the development of a national MPA network
    David Abecasis, Pedro Afonso and Karim Erzini
    Accepted: 09/03/2017
  • Reproductive strategies and population genetic structure of Fucus spp. across a northeast Atlantic biogeographic transition
    Susana C Almeida, Katy R Nicastro, Gerardo I Zardi, Gareth A Pearson, Myriam Valero and Ester A Serrão
    Accepted: 08/03/2017
  • Do otters target the same fish species and sizes as anglers? A case study from a lowland trout stream (Czech Republic).
    Roman Lyach and Martin Čech
    Accepted: 07/03/2017
  • Length-weight relationships for 22 crustaceans and cephalopods from the Gulf of Cadiz (SW Spain)
    Maria Angeles Torres, Yolanda Vila, Luis Silva, Juan Jose Acosta, Fernando Ramos, Maria Lourdes Deng Palomares and Ignacio Sobrino
    Accepted: 06/03/2017
  • Study on different hook and bait types in the Persian Gulf hand line fishery: Optimization and development
    morteza eighani
    Accepted: 26/02/2017
  • Trophic ecology of commercial-size meagre, Argyrosomus regius, in the Bay of Biscay (NE Atlantic)
    Barbara Hubans, Tiphaine Chouvelon, Marie-Laure Begout, Gerard Biais, Paco Bustamante, Lillian Ducci, Françoise Mornet, Anne Boiron, Yann Coupeau and Jerome Spitz
    Accepted: 27/01/2017
  • Assessing the sustainability of subsistence fisheries of small indigenous fish species: fishing mortality and exploitation of hill stream loaches in India
    Ashwini Keskar, Rajeev Raghavan, Pradeep Kumkar, Anand Padhye and Neelesh Dahanukar
    Accepted: 21/12/2016